About Us

The foundation of PEE PEE group was laid in 1909 with the supply of stainless
steel sheets as raw material to consumer durable producing companies. With
over a century of responsible business practices, PEE PEE group has grown and
diverse into several sectors of business. The group had completed 35+ years in
distribution of consumer durables (certified by ISO 9001:2015) before flourishing
in the current businesses.
Currently, the group is trifurcated into AAA PEE Appliances, PEE PEE Appliances
Private Limited and Hanbao Industries India Private Limited. While the former is
majorly into distribution of niche products, the latter two concerns a
manufacturing facility for food unit, plastic house ware, and home appliances
The manufacturing facility located in Manali, Chennai spans over 1.4acres with
future expansion plans of another 5-6 acres. The administrative office is based in
Ayanavaram; Chennai encompassing experienced sales, finance and operational
team of 400+ personnel. For hassle free functioning, SAP-HANA software is
integrated to support all the products, accounts, sales and marketing activities.
(Factory Premises at Manali, Chennai)

PEE PEE Appliances Private Limited
M/S .PEE PEE Appliances Private Limited, was incorporated on 15th day of July in
the year 1991. The registered office is located in 47/22, Medavakkam Tank Road,
Ayanavaram, Chennai - 600 012. The company was primarily into distribution of
various home appliances products of Butterfly, LG, Haier, Godrej, Panasonic,
Samsung, Usha Domestic while simultaneously working towards developing their
own home appliances brand Hanbao.
PEE PEE in 2012 diversified into food products with its current efforts directed
towards manufacturing of 100% Vegetarian Chocolates and Processed Foods like
Osmotic Dehydrated Fruits, Dates etc., supplied across the country under the
brands- Jumbo & Nature ‘N’ Nature (NNN). Both the brands are gaining
recognition at a commendable rate.
The company’s state of the art manufacturing facility, located in Manali, Chennai
comprises fully automated machines that can easily manufacture 1 ton of bar and
coin chocolates in a day. Few of the strong retail associations include Spencers,
Reliance Fresh, Nilgiris, Divine Services Art of Living, among many more. With
around 100 SKUs, PEE PEE strives to cover about 15000 retail counters including
supermarkets and modern trade across South India by 2022. Along with its retail
presence, the brands too have been evolving with changing times and ensured its
presence felt through digital and ecommerce portals like Amazon, Big Basket and
(Jumbo & NNN Food processing Unit)
AAA PEE Appliances
AAA PEE Appliances formed in 2005, is majorly into the distribution of niche
products like electric chimneys, built-in-hobs, built-in-ovens, built-in-microwave
ovens, cooking ranges, gas cooktops, dish washers, induction stoves, biodisposer&
sinks among many other products. Over the last two decades, AAA PEE
has been the sole Faber products distributor catering to the entire region of
Chennai city, its suburbs along with other districts & union territory of
With a warehouse spanning 22,000 sq. ft in Chennai – 600 060, the company
manages self-owned delivery arrangements. AAA PEE is associated with major
brands like Faber, AO Smith, Franke, Havells and Saviesa catering to over a 1000
retailers in consumer electronics, stainless steel vessel, sanitary ware, hardware,
modular kitchen & electrical shops.
Over the years, AAA PEE has witnessed a steep growth with an annual rise of 15-
20%. The company within the group boasts a strength of 150-200 direct and
indirect employability opportunity. Few of the decade-long associations include
Vivek Private Limited, Vasanth & Co Group, Rathna Cools Private Limited,
Saravana Stores Group, Girias Investments Pvt. Ltd, Hoods & Hobs, SC Shah
Private Limited, Sathya Agencies Private Ltd, James & Co, Darling Digital World
Private Limited, Thahir Designer Hardware, Dynamic Marketing, M A Ethirajulu
Naidu, Santhosh Super Stores, Surya Metal Art – Madurai, Mani Electronics,
Rainbow TVC Centre, Croma (Tamil Nadu & Bengaluru).
Hanbao Industries India Private Limited
Hanbao Industries deals throughout Tamil Nadu.
The brand Hanbao has become a household name in the state and has been
growing rapidly with its vast range of products. The product range includes home
appliances products such as Mixer Grinder, LPG Stoves, Induction Stove, Non-Stick
Cook Wares, Tower Fan, Table Fan, Wall Fans, Pedestal Fans, Cookers, Iron Box,
Plastic House ware, and Plastic Pet Bottles & Jars.
The advanced manufacturing facility, located in Manali (Chennai), is supported by
a strong team with expertise in the field. With around 300 SKUs the current
products in focus are Hanbao Tower Fans, Wall fans, Pedestal fans, Table Fans,
Iron Box, House ware products like Kitchen containers, Plastic stationary items,
Multi-utility products & Plastic Pet Jars.
Hanbao’s associations include Saravana Stores Group, Vasanth & Co Group, Vivek
Private Limited, M A Ethirajulu Naidu, Santhosh Super Stores, Rathna Stores,
Revathi Home Needs, Selvan Steel House, Aditya Electronics, Bharatham Stores,
Bio Phoenix Formulations, Dhanam & Co to name a few.
Studying the current market scenario and response to the brand, the company
has set targets for summer 2021 of 60000+ Tower fans, 75000+
table/wall/pedestal fans and 25000+ Air Coolers etc.
(Hanbao Industries Unit)
AAA PEE Foundations Private Limited
The group further proliferated into land business by acquiring lands across the
city. Thus, giving rise to AAA Pee Foundations with primary focus on executing
Plot layouts and Plot selling of DTCP approved land parcels.
The company’s current land bank consists of DTCP approved Housing Plots at
S.V.G.Puram. R.K.Pet, near Pallipattu (Thiruvallur district), located about two
hours from Chennai city and DTCP approved Housing Plots at Periyapalayam
highway, Pagalmedu (Thiruvallur district), both totaling about 8-lakh sq. ft of
DTCP approved land.
The company’s future development is focused on developing 38 acres of
Industrial Plot at NH4 Chennai-Bengaluru highway, after Kanchipuram District.
(AAA Pee Company logo)